‘I don’t know what you think about eating and drinking,
But breakfast has something to do with hapiness.’
Cemal Süreya – Turkish Poet

There is a proverb in Turkish said with pure satisfaction, ‘only the bird milk is missing’, describing a table that has everything you wish to have. Breakfast in Taş Bahçe deserves every letter of this proverb and the owners Ümran and Tunç are wonderful persons to chat with. The entrance of Taş Bahçe is somewhat hidden, so you need to pay attention finding it. Passing Mavi Bar towards Small Pebble Beach, Taş Bahçe is on the left side of the slope, just next to Ehl-i Keyf. Breakfast is Turkish style, served with many different kinds of delicacies, in which you could also add extras from the menu. Unlimited tea is included to the price per person which is 27 TL. Open everyday between 8am till 3pm.
Tel: +90 535 260 9390

Omlet was established last year but despite being relatively new, it got the praises rapidly to become one of the favourite breakfast places in Kaş. Young and talented chefs go through every detail with utmost attention. Bread is always warm, jams are home-made, cheese are super delicious… Paprika bread from Antalya is served with salty yogurt alongside. Baked egg in avocado tummy and hangover breakfast are among other specialties. Sausages in tomato paste, turkish ‘dil’ cheese with oregano, Antakya cheese and ‘zahter’ are among the favourites. Omlet is at the huge garden of Ayı Bar, next to the Gendarmerie station. You could enjoy the breakfast under the cool shades of the trees with a nice breeze even in the hottest days of summer. Every day from 9am till 4pm.
Hükümet Caddesi No:12
Tel: +90 532 551 0608

‘I don’t know what you think about eating and drinking,
But breakfast has something to do with hapiness.’
Cemal Süreya

Among the oldest and the most traditional weekend breakfast place to go in Kaş. Only on Sundays from 10am till 2pm. You order and have everything brought to you over a course of time, which after some point it gets hard to fit everything on the table. Garlic and cheese bread freshly out of the grill is one of a kind. Unlimited coffee and tea. I wouldn’t think so but if you have any space left for some cheesecake, I highly recommend. Hideaway’s famous garden is among the last places to make you feel the coziness of the rustic mediterranean-stonewall atmosphere. Throw yourself to the large cushions and enjoy a slooow sunday breakfast. 40 TL per person.
Cumhuriyet Meydanı No:16/A
Tel: +90 242 836 3369

Everyone in Kaş knows that Mama’s Kitchen is Bi Lokma. They serve the best of menemen, the traditional and super-tasty spicy egg scramble with paprika and tomato. They are also famous for their organic apple jam, made of the apples from Gömbe pastures, combined with cinnamon sticks. Everything they serve washed with refined water; very meticulous as a mother indeed when it comes to hygiene. Established as a modest ‘lokma’ stand in 2000, transformed into a very pleasant restaurant with a green garden and a nice view of the harbour. Serving with the same excitement as of their first day for 15 years. 27 TL per person.
Hükümet Cad. No:2
Tel: +90 242 836 3942

Don’t be lazy, get in the car and discover the fairy tale garden of Narnia just 5kms outside of Kaş. We promise it would worth every minute and effort. Established on a huge 5 decare almond orchard, Narnia serves breakfast only on weekends. Find a cozy pergola for yourself to enjoy your coffee under an almond tree after the breakfast. Open between 10am till 3pm. 25TL per person.
Ağalar Mevkii. No:1 Bayındır Village
Tel: +90 535 226 4936

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