Kaş is a little coastal town by the west of Antalya. Not so tiny in fact, the district has 5 counties, 48 villages and spans a very large area. Central town has 8.000 inhabitants and adding the villages, total number of citizens are around 50.000 Being a former fishing village, today the economy runs predominantly on tourism. With its rare turquoise waters, precious endemic plant specimens and ancient ruins, Kaş is among the best for travelers both within and from outside of Turkey. Despite the development in the last few years, Kaş is still considered to be the jewel of the Turkish Mediterranean due to its relatively difficult position for transportation.

Surrounded by ancient sites and historical treasures, it offers some amazing culture trips. It is among the top five diving destinations in the world. Tandem paragliding also offering amazing views of the turquoise waters is one of a kind experience.

There was naturally, the Mediterranean climate. ‘Hot and dry summers, warmer winters with precipitation’ used to be. Yet climate change brings difference to Kaş like everywhere else. It is hard to say that winters are ‘warmer’, some villages around Kaş have even seen snow. It was hard to keep the heat up. And summers are not hot, but very hot. July and August are ideal months for those who wish to fry themselves all day under the sun. If not, April-May, September-October and even November are the best times to come.
If you wish to come by bus, there are direct bus lines from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Please check Pamukkale and Kamil Koç coaching companies. Apart from coming three big cities in Turkey, shuttles from either Antalya or Fethiye are available.

For flying to Kaş, we suggest you buy the tickets to Dalaman airport, 150 kms west of Kaş. It is closer than Antalya airport (220kms) and the roads are much better. Shuttles from Dalaman airport ( to Fethiye, then to Kaş by Batı Antalya minibus charters are available. If you wish, you could share direct transfers from Dalaman airport (
Shuttle bus lines available from the main square mosque to Büyükçakıl, Akçagerme, Gökseki, Hidayet Cove, Peninsula and Çerçiler neighbourhood. Time table is available at the bus stops. For the surrounding villages, only Çukurbağ has a direct shuttle line from the bus station. Apart from those, private car and taxi options are always available.
Merkez Taksi: +90 242 836 1933
Liman Taksi: +90 242 836 1489
Çakıl Taksi: +90 242 836 2448
The oldest known name for this unique holiday town is known as Habesos. Also known as Antiphellos after hellenization, this trading port is located at the crossrads between Caria and Lycia. Subjected to Macedonian rule under Alexander the Great, then exchanged between Seleucid and Ptolemaic Dynasties. Antiphellos gained importance during the Roman Empire and later became an apostolic centre. Following the Arab raids, the region became a part of Seljuk Empire and gained a new name Andifli. The town became a part of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Bayazid I ‘Thunderbolt’.

The region is deeply embedded in history, containing traces of many different civilizations. Mentioning Lycia takes us back around 3000 BC. If you are into history, you could read more on
There is a farmers market at the back of the bus station, every friday. Having breakfast with pancakes at the market is a tradition of Kaş. Not only pancakes, local crumpets, tahini flat bread, stuffed vine leaves.. whatever you wish to have. Those who love travelling on sundays shouldn’t miss that.

If you happen to crave for some food at midnight, you have two options. Either go eat ‘kokoreç’ or meatballs at the marketplace or you go for the soup. There are three soup shops open until early morning. Two are on the main square next to the mosque, Seçkin and 2000 restaurants. The third one is more inside, Sokak Arası, just behind Orman Tea Garden.
Seçkin: +90 242 836 1300
2000: +90 242 836 3374
Sokak Arası: +90 242 836 3212